Where the spirit does not work with the hands there is no art

I’m working on this favorite and yet particularly long quote by Leonardo da Vinci for the Skillshare class I’m currently taking. This is a mood board I made on my iPad using Adobe Collage* for the items I collected trying to brainstorm what I need to be thinking about when I’m making the final drawing.

moldboard for ldquote

The instructions are to plan this as if it were a real project. I don’t know where this quote would fit in as a real project. I don’t think it’d be a title. But maybe something on a postcard? Where in the world does this fit in real life? I don’t know. But it’s one of my favorite quotes. It stays. So there.

*A $9.99 app that was discontinued by Adobe before it was even a year old – and one of the reasons I have not yet updated my iPad for quite some time. I have a couple other apps that met the same fate. Buying Adobe mobile apps just makes me squeamish.

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