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Fill’er Up

I found this apple to be slightly more sublime than the last ones.

I was supposed to be filling up the sketchbook with sketches and drawings of leaves. I kind of messed up because I kept drawing little fruit sketches and whatnots. Sometimes I only half read directions…Hey, the book started with an apple. When I re-read the directions, I got back with the program and I tend to pick up more leaves now. I add them as I go. I just haven’t found a perfect way to keep them true until I can get to them. So far, a ziplock in the fridge works okay for now.

In the quest to re-master pencil (well, as best as I can), I just continue to fill up the sketchbook.

A while ago, I also “studied” some lilies I had gotten for Mother’s Day. I use quotes because, obviously, at this stage in the game, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m seeing.

I probably sketched them four or five times. Then, I transferred the sketch I liked best to some tracing paper.


I’m not at the point where I feel I’ve mastered pencil yet. So, I decided not to attempt to paint the lilies, but to leave them as a line drawing for now. But I was really interested in that huge object in the center of the lily. So, I drew that to the side by itself. I found out that it is called a pistil. At the tippy top is the stigma. The shaft is called the style. While I didn’t do an exact dissection, the ovary which houses the ovule would be at its base. Interesting, says I. It seems flowers are expressly built to reproduce.

The lilies died and I went back to the leaves I had picked up. I don’t know one from the other. That makes me a little crazy. So, I guess I should get some kind of leaf classification book.

I did sneak another piece of fruit in there though…

Fuzzy peaches are tasty this time of year!

Cherries aren’t so bad either. It’s one of the perils of painting foods for me. They tend to, uh, disappear. 😉

At some point, I did pick up the paint to describe that apple. Meh. I had a spot in the middle that was being fussy. I left it as a learning moment.

I think when I get better at botanicals, it’d be fun to add some lettering into the work. I’m really attracted to the look of vintage seed packets. I figure it might be fun to make up one some time. Just for fun. It’d definitely make a nice sketchbook page.

Drawing any conclusions?

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