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Light Work

This month, I had my 90-day review on my new (well, newest) job.

I work in education and have been in some form or another since I first graduated with my BFA years ago. The past two years, I’ve held positions where I consistently find myself in classrooms, teaching, without the grad student status. It was a great review and it let me know that I’m actually pretty competent in that profession. Honestly, I have thrown myself into any job I’ve ever had. So when I got this one, I did the same. This job combines everything I have ever done in education…It goes from the work I did as a registrar…to the practice of an interventionist…to the one-on-one mentoring…to the one-to-many teaching…and everything else in between. But, these past few months was more of a proving myself to myself kind of thing as I got to know the job. Now that my review is behind me, and I have a chance to catch my breath, I still feel like I’m missing something. :/

I’m still sketching here and there in my sketchbook. Mostly in black and white because it’s normally late in the day and the light is long gone.

The subjects are still the same too. Stuff, people watching, food…the normal subjects.


I have also been reading different books that might help me get my gestural drawing back to where it should be. The best one so far has been Quick Sketching by Ron Husband.

I’m still reading it. But, his thoughts on catching a figure in action are insightful. Through reading it, Ive been gaining confidence in drawing the most active person I know. Girl Child.

These are not truly finished drawings. But, they are atleast a start to them, right? Besides that, I’m trying to work my way into a drawing mode where it doesn’t have to be “finished”…It doesn’t have to be an exercise in purely academic pursuits. I think I’m ready for some work that shows the lighter side of my personality, you know?

As for watercolor, I think I’m going to have to find some other way to get my color time in before it gets dark. Office light is just not what I want and the weather is a little too sucky right now to be outside for long. But, I have recently found that I can start something in black and white during the week and finish it up in color on Saturday morning…

Stale fortune cookies aren’t the tastiest breakfast. But, they make a nice, little sketch.



    • Thanks Cindy! She was doing a puzzle or laying on the floor for most of those black and white drawings, thankfully. At least she was semi-contained. Then, there was that one day it seemed like she was a human whack-a-mole jumping from seat to seat in the doc’s office…

Drawing any conclusions?

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