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One Jive Turkey

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Out with the old. In with the new. I started a new job recently. Getting to know the position has been an experience. I notice when I get home, I try to do something creative or read something inspiring, and I just wind up drifting off to sleep. I’m getting used to the schedule now though. So, my journaling is picking back up. Thank goodness. An artist not working is one moody soul!

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These are some sketches I did at an event in Dover and in the lunch room at the non-profit where I work now. Feels good to be drawing and splashing some color around again! I also retired my old sketchbook this past week in favor of a Canson 140lb watercolor sketchbook. I truly enjoyed the Daler-Romney(?) sketchbook I had been using. But it took up a lot of space in my bag with that extra flap for the pencil that I never used. It also buckled a lot when I painted in it.

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Admittedly, that’s not too horrible. But, I figured a heavier paper would do a little better when I want to paint. We’ll see. There are some differences I can see right now though. For one, when I try to write/or draw letters, it has a more rickety appearance along the edges. Not sure I like that rickety edge. But maybe I can find a way to work around it some time.


“One Jive Turkey!” I got it from my grandmother…who may have gotten it from Good Times…I digress…She used to say things like, “You jive turkey!” all the time. Miss her lots.

I never really thought I might be interested in drawing a turkey. But, after one of my friends took off after one to get it back over a gate, we saw their “true colors”! Apparently, when they get mad, they get really colorful. This one got all purply-blue on us.

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He puffed up his feathers like he was going to do something, lol! I really got a kick out of that.

What really got me though was the vivid colors on him! And the texture of his skin was sort of grotesque and kind of beautiful all at the same time. Go figure.

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Trying to capture that color and texture was a bit of a challenge, but fun anyway…and it made me giggle a little bit to think of him posturing just for us.

The jive turkey!

Drawing any conclusions?

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