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MOOre Please

The postcards from Moo came a few days ago and they were perfect! You can see them in the lead photo for this post. I loved the heavy card stock and the printing of the image was faithful to the original. Nice!

They were so nice, in fact, that I was itching to print something else right away.

I started a series of sketches in my notebook a bit ago on one of my favorite hobbies.

I figured, it’d give me some practice on using watercolor to paint flesh. Besides that, I just like this subject. So there.

It’s a little difficult using myself as a model. But it works out. I just add glaze after glaze until it looks like something I can recognize.

Trying to illustrate the process of handspinning while spinning has been interesting. I keep finding I will spin more than I want onto the spindle for the illustration. Eventually, I gave up on trying to restrict how much I spun onto the spindle. Now that the entire skein has been spun, I may have to figure out how to sketch a few other illustrations from memory. Not always a great idea for me because my remembering skills aren’t the greatest at the moment.

But, I have been putting these images together to make a poster and possibly a postcard for a giveaway on my spinning blog.

These are just home printed and they need a bit more definition. But I think they are a good start.

This one below is the next in the series. In the one below that, I’m wondering if I’m biting off more than I can chew!


One thing is for sure…I’m definitely hooked!

Drawing any conclusions?

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