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Old Eyes, Old Cars, and Goodbyes

I spent the past few days in Old New Castle again. I'm moving soon and I believe capturing some of this area is helping me to move on.

Earlier in the week, I found some spots near the water and just played with my supplies.

I used a big fat brush to paint in that water. I love how it gave me some really simple, but convincing waves. The best thing about it is the color, I think. I really enjoy the blue and yellow here. I can almost here the water when I look at it. I love how journal sketches can make those impressions revisit you.

The next day I drew a stump and what appeared to be a slightly eroded, fallen tree that had been left there by the receding waters.

I had a lot of visitors that day. That usually makes me nervous. But, I plugged along anyway.

As always, I do some word dumping of some sort on the opposite page. But this time, I tried to put it into a little photo composition. That's always fun.

I noticed that I do need to work on my value in this one. But I did enjoy the mark-making.

Goodness knows, I always need to work on seeing better. That's the job of any artist. Of course, with almost 40 years old eyes, they may need to take more breaks than they used to need though. Aging sucks.

See what I mean? The letters are tangled up here. Good thing it's in my sketchbook. I can tell the little criticizer in me to shut it.

This was a quick sketch I did. I used the Mextures app to put some color behind it. Pretty cool way to spend ten minutes.

Watercolor is still growing on me. This was the most recent painting I did in Old New Castle this past week. I really loved how the vintage looking car gave the rickety street a feeling of time. It put the “old” in Old New Castle for me that day. Pity they had to leave before I finished.

Closure is important.



    • Thanks! I like to think I’m more of a positive person.

      But, just to be sure, I’m going to make a mental note to check the next time I talk about a glass being half full or half empty to see if that’s true.

      I enjoyed reading your last blog post. Laugh out loud funny!

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