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Down The Rabbit Hole I Go

Well, well, well…what just happened here?

This is becoming serious.

I bought a few more supplies to go along with my road kit for my watercolor sketching.


The most surprising purchase was probably another set of paints.  Why???! Because.

Delaware finally got a Jerry’s Artarama a few years ago. We have quite a few arts and crafts supply stores and they are good for all purpose/general purchases. But when it comes to the nitty gritty of supplies like paints, pens, pastels, etc., they charge a grip for student grade materials, and if they carry art/professional grade supplies, the price is usually much higher than art supply stores like Jerry’s or some of the online supply stores. I find stores like Jerry’s tend to carry much higher quality art supplies. Thank goodness for them. But, they can become an obsession like any other…

Enter these Lukas paints.


The set I had been painting with was a Winsor & Newton Cotman 12 tube set. I wanted to see if there was any difference. This Lukas set is a really nice set. It came with 12 half (?) pans to which I added cobalt blue and olive green. They fit pretty nicely.

Paintwise, they seem pretty nice. A little more saturated to me than the Cotman paints. But they dry a little drier looking to me. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

Beyond that I added some sponges, a fan brush (never thought I’d ever use one of those…never did even when I painted with oils). I also got a rigger brush which I’ve been reading is good for lettering.  I have to admit, I like them both.  Some tissues are good for lifting out colors gently.


Of course, I had to record it all.


That’s what journalists do.

On the experimental side, I put little notes about which tool did what.


I decided to try my new set up this weekend.

Before there were too many folks, I tried to record the outside of the house where we had our most recent family reunion this past Saturday.



I’m still not moving fast enough for the sun. But, I felt like that was a good learning experience for one day. Watercolor is a little tough! Better to have lots of starts with this animal rather than try to wrangle it down in one sitting.

But, I think I’m definitely getting hooked.

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